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Roche – Cobas e411®

Fully automated, random access system for immunoassay analysis.Up to 88 samples/hr 
18 channels/reagent slots for up to 18 different assays
Programmable parameters: Max 60 assays definable via 2D-barcode (programming by loading)
Load/unload capacity 30 samples (disk)
75 samples on 15 racks


Orgentec - Alegria®

Fully automatic analytical instrument Alegria® can be used for both product lines from ORGENTEC Diagnostika, as well as for autoimmune diagnostics and infection disease serology.
Alegria® is not limited to specific sample numbers. Even individual samples can be rapidly and economically analyzed with this instrument – or up to 30 samples can be processed in a single run, in any combination. This makes Alegria®especially attractive for laboratories with average or lower sample frequency or for acute diagnostics.


We also supply full spectrum of Reagents, Calibrators and QC for immunology analyzers.

Roche Diagnostics

Roche korporacijos diagnostikos padalinys yra in vitro diagnostikos srities lyderis pasaulyje. Roche diagnostinės priemonės ir reagentai padeda gydytojams nustatyti ligą, parinkti tinkamą gydymą ir stebėti gydymo efektyvumą.

Orgentec Diagnostika

Lyderiaujanti kompanija specializuotos autoimuninių ir infekcinių ligų diagnostikos srityse.
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